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About Us

Shelley Brimacombe has been an artist and a Kindergarten teacher for many years. Her love for children and teaching is equal to her love of jewelry making. A strongly Christian woman, she sees the beauty in each person. Her jewelry is a reflection of her vision; everyone deserves a wearable work of art. Shelley comes by her creative talents naturally. Her father was an artist and her sister is a musician and artist. Since she was very young, she has loved creating beautiful pieces of jewelry from different kinds of beads, crystals, and stones. What started as a small part time hobby, has blossomed into quite a business as more and more people see and love her creations. Most of Shelley's business has come from word-of-mouth. We decided it was time to offer her works to a wider audience. What you see here on this web site is but a small portion of her work. If you would like something unique that you don't see here, please feel free to contact her so she can create something special for you or someone you love.



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